Exploring Wild Belgium



For reasons we all know, most of us all will be severely limited in our ability able to travel and go on holidays abroad, for the coming months. If you (can) go, go Greentripper.


As with most problems in life, we can take the approach where we either wallow in our own self-pity, or we take a positive stance and make the best of it. Borders cannot close the heart of the explorer.

There’s no need to get all stressed out about it if we can just embrace the issue and be creative.


Therefore, Kiki and myself, suggest we all get out and re- explore, and re-discover our own countries.

  • Go hike, fish, swim, camp,…
  • Discover healthy local foods and cuisine
  • Organize a micro adventure / expedition

While you do so, share pictures or videos with the hashtag #ExploreXYZ on social media, to show your fellow countrymen, and people from abroad, how beautiful and inspiring your own country is.

That way we’ll get hashtag such as :

  • #exploringwildholland,
  • #exploringwildfrance
  • #exploringwildgermany
  • #exploringwildguatemala
  • #exploringwildaustralia

In the meantime you will have the added value of benefiting from a healthier lifestyle, that incorporates a wilder way of life.

Once this spreads like an enjoyable virus, we can show just how beautiful our country is, while revealing the splendour of our continent, and ultimately the magnificence of our entire planet.

While going outdoors, we of course urge you to comply with local regulations and safety measures in place because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

You need some inspiration? Back in 2015 we did a similar project, but in different circumstances and with different goals: The Wild & Adventurous BENELUX Expedition 2015′

Are you in? Tell us !

Happy and wild trails,


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