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As a rewilding lifestyle coach, my mission is to help you discover and implement a healthier and happier lifestyle that is closer to nature and further from the detrimental sedentary side effects of modern society.

I use the hunter-gatherer/forager societies as a role model, emphasizing on 4 topics:

Diet – Movement – Disconnection and Reconnection – Ancestral skills

Our species has been hunting and gathering for over 99% of our time on Earth! By studying the history of man and the legacy of our ancestors you will regain control of your live so that you can return to your healthy, free, strong and wilder self.

I am available for working with individuals, families, groups and companies:

Personal lifestyle coaching and training

You would like to change your lifestyle but you don’t know where to start?

I am happy to serve you and share with you all the lessons I’ve learned during the last 20 years to generate and maintain bulletproof health and vitality. During this mentoring program you will learn:

  • how to eat a healthier diet,
  • how to move more naturally,
  • how to think with a more positive attitude,
  • how to live in harmony with nature,
  • how to take action that will direct you to your genuine nature.

Start getting results from the moment you begin to listen to your Inner Drum!

You get:

  • A customized action plan for your particular situation.
  • Support and follow up of your path during the duration of the program.
  • Access to the knowledge and experiences that have proven successful in our own rewilding process.
  • Increased energy levels and feelings of well being.
  • Inspiration and motivation to explore your true nature and start down the unique path of your life.

Since I have met Bert almost 10 years ago, I have been appreciating more and more his view on life, nature and sports. Even though we have a very different background, interests and professional activities, Bert always shows great empathy and most of all, it is good fun and very motivational to discuss and train with him.

Pieter Vandewalle

Workshops and Teambuildings

I do workshops and teambuildings on one or more of the following rewilding subjects:

  • how to eat a healthier and more natural diet,
  • how to move more naturally,
  • introduction to bushcraft and survival skills
  • rewilding lifestyle: a day long workshop covering all the above and deconnection and reconnection

Expedition and adventure guiding

Based on my experiences as an explorer, having organised prepared and conducted several expeditions and adventures, I can coach you during your  next adventure, expedition or a personal challenge.

Few people can say they spent 7 days in a row practicing bushcraft and survival techniques in harmony with nature, between the ocean and the mountains. Few have been lucky enough to have the great companions I had during this adventure. I experienced many emotional moments, but even better I was lucky to share shelter, food and water with the 6 other challenge members.

Thank you once more from Lobo Nómada and hope to see you all again soon.


Keynote speeches

I give  presentations and keynote speeches, based on experiences and lessons learned during my adventures and expeditions and as a rewilding lifestyle coach.

B2B Consulting

High blood pressure, obesity, burn-out, bore-out, are only but a few of the modern society’s illnesses with a devastating effect on  the work floor.  Taking care of the different aspects of diet, movement, disconnection and reconnection is beneficial for employers and employees.

Some of these activities are done together with my partner, Kiki Nardiz.

Find out more on Rewilding Drum.

Tempted to update yourself and your lifestyle? Contact me for info and inquiries.