About me

I am an explorer… Every day I wake up with the same strong desire; exploring, discovering and rediscovering the planet, close by and far away and with.

I have been traveling through some of the wildest, most beautiful and special places in this world seeking to learn more about First Nations and nomadic cultures. Because of these explorations, I have gained an enormous respect for our planet and its many different people, creatures, and plants.

Rewilding is my lifestyle: Reconnecting with nature, living life in the most natural way possible and working on becoming a modern hunter- gatherer. As a rewilding lifestyle coach I like sharing my experiences with people in hopes of stimulating them to go out and discover their true selves in nature. My mission is to help people overcome the negative effects of urbanization and domestication, and discover a freer and more natural way to eat, sleep, move and exercise, play, and relax.

I am also a storyteller (author) and ranger, and last but not least, I am an indigenous… of this planet.