Living with Wawatie family – Canada 2007

In August 2007 we spent a month with the Wawatie family of Kokomville.

Jacob and Louise Wawatie, well respected elders and teachers within the Anishnabe Nation taught me, as if I were their Little Brother, how to live in the bush.
I was pushed by them to awaken my 5 senses and learn to read the book of nature.

I have still a very long way to go. It’s a book impossible to finish, but once you start “reading it” you can never stop.

During that month we also learned about the hardships the Anishnabe went through, but even more about their desire and willpower to preserve their ancient old ways of life.

Video-journalist Steven Dijlst went with us to film this life changing experience: The result of this was the documentary “Little Brother”.
Here beneath are some ‘teasers’. – Many thanks to “Joe Wawatie and friends” for the music

Also read the story in Dutch